Which contaminents we remove After constructions cleaning Deep cleaning Regular cleaning
Light grease stains
Traces of water, soap stains
Strong grease stains -
Rust -
Limescale -
Water stone -
Construction contaminents - -
Traces of paint and concrete - -
Traces of glue and tape - -
Agents and equipment we use
Soft non-aggressive agents
Strong aggressive agents -
Steam generator -
Cleaning height on all height on all height up to 1.8 m
Number of hours 6-8 6-8 2-4
Number of staff 2-4 2-4 1-2
Job difference
Removing construction dust -
Clean of the tile joints from the grout (the exception is a two-component grout) -
Washing traces of cement, glue, paint and adhesive tape -
Wiping the dust and washing of all surfaces of furniture and interior at the entire height
Removing dust from walls and ceilings -
Removing of complex contaminants on all surfaces: limescale, rust, grease, water stone -
Remove strong contaminants with a steam generator -
Cleaning of hard-to-reach places with a steam generator -
Cleaning of the inter-tile seams from pollution. For heavy pollution we use a steam generator -
Washing of furniture inside, where things are removed from the shelves -
Washing behind and under the furniture, if it can be moved away (we DO NOT move large and heavy furniture items) -
Washing wall lamps at full height
Washing ceiling lights
Wiping open shelves, photo frames, clocks and other items at the entire height
Wiping pipes, radiators, outlets and switches
Wiping the curtain rods -
Wiping the air conditioner outside -
Washing mirrors, glass partitions to full height
Change bed linen
Vacuuming floors, carpets and floor coverings
Wiping down leather furniture
Handling leather furniture with professional care -
Vacuuming under floor carpets
Vacuuming upholstered furniture outside and inside
Washing floors and baseboards
Wiping interior doors and door blocks
Taking out the garbage (not more than 2 bags). Disinfecting the basket
Removing small construction waste (DO NOT remove large garbage and boxes)
Wiping the front door and wash under the entrance mat
Washing and disinfect kitchen work surfaces: apron, tabletop
Washing the stove and the wall above it
Cleaning the microwave oven inside and out
Wiping the kitchen facades to the full height of the kitchen set
Washing kitchen appliances outside (oven, refrigerator)
Washing kitchen appliances inside (oven, refrigerator) -
Cleaning and disinfecting plumbing
Washing the bathroom and shower
Сompletely remove all impurities on the walls at the entire height -
What is not included in the cleaning
DO NOT wash windows (order the additional service "Window cleaning")
DO NOT dry-clean furniture and carpets (order the additional service "Dry cleaning")
DO NOT wash crystal chandeliers and lamps
DO NOT wipe more than 50 items in the room (order the additional service "Hourly work")
DO NOT clean balconies and terraces (order an additional service for cleaning balconies and terraces)
DO NOT work at a height of more than 3.5 meters