Frequently asked question

Does the cost of cleaning increase if there are domestic animals in the house?

No. But we need to ensure the safe contact of our employees and animals in the same area and make a note when ordering in order to choose employees without allergies.

Do specialists have medical certificates?

Yes, our employees have all the necessary documents, including medical certificates. During the cleaning process, we comply with sanitary and hygienic standards.

What should be provided by the client before cleaning?

It depends on the type of service booked, but in general, access to an electrical outlet and water is required. It is also desirable to ensure the continuity of work, for example, in the case of office cleaning, by providing access to all rooms to be cleaned (provide keys, turn off alarms, etc.).

Do you provide services on weekends and holidays?

Yes, except for Easter, Christmas and New Years. However, work on weekends and holidays must be planned and booked in advance.

Is there a difference in the cost of the service provided on weekends and holidays?

Yes, for work on weekends and holidays, a multiplying surcharge is charged

What do you do if property is damaged?

In case of property damage through our fault, insurance compensation is paid for the damage caused during our service

What cleaning products do you use?

We use the ecological cleaning products from Slovak and leading European manufacturers

How many employees can come?

Usually we work alone, but in the case of a larger order, we can organize the work of more people (depending on the size of the premises and the amount of work).

Can the date of the additional service be different from the main one?

If an additional service is ordered in addition to the main one, then it cannot. You can order a package from the list of additional services - then it will be completed at any time you choose.

Can I order cleaning on a weekly basis?

Yes. You can order systematic cleaning according to the schedule once a week. Since it's easier to keep your home clean than to clean it every day and a weekly service from "Happy Cleaning" will clean your house much cheaper. Usually, we fix a certain day of the week and the time at which our employees will come to you, but we can also offer an individual schedule.

Can I order a one-time general cleaning?

Yes, you can order cleaning only once, without a subscription. We have a large database of professional cleaners. They can easily cope with any living premises: apartment, house, cottage or office.

What does 100% responsibility mean?

If any items of your interior are damaged during the provision of cleaning services by the contractor, "Happy Cleaning" will perform a free repair or compensate after analyzing and assessing the damage.

Is it possible that the same employee would come to me?

Yes. This is the advantage of working with our cleaning service. When servicing according to the schedule, a regular cleaner will come to you, who knows where the shirts for ironing are haning and how the bath mat should lie. Employees cooperate with our cleaning service longer than with other services, so they will not change so often.

I like how your employees clean my house. Can they clean the office?

Yes, our employees also clean commercial, industrial and retail premises. Cleaning service "Happy Cleaning" is a unique one. The experience of providing office services helps employees to clean complex residential objects easily and the experience of cleaning in apartments helps them treat the office as if it were their own home.

Washing windows and blinds.

  • Laundry and ironing
  • Balcony and terrace cleaning
  • Fridge cleaning and oven cleaning
  • Dry cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture and mattresses.
  • Surface cleaning
  • Cleaning of kitchen units inside

How do you choose your cleaners?

  • Each employee is selected:
  • Selection is based on a personal and professional qualities;
  • Video briefing and verification of learned material;
  • Testing skills in practice.
  • The employee goes for cleaning orders in a team of experienced cleaners and undergoes another instructing.
  • After passing through all the stages, the cleaner begins to work independently.

What determines the cost of professional cleaning?

  • From the area of ​​the house or office - the cost of cleaning an apartment or office space depends on the number of rooms and their size. The larger is the list of work, the higher is the price for cleaning services.
  • From the kind of work you order. General cleaning is carried out professionally and efficiently, but it costs more than a supportive one, additional work (for example, window washing, dry cleaning) is paid separately.